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ISSA - this is a very useful site
TASBO - Texas Association of School Business Officials

Highlights of the
MnO Nation

ISSA 540 Cleaning Times used as the standards for unitization
These are the Gold Standard of cleaning times.
System is tailored for use in Public School Districts around the country
terminology is consistent with ISD use
Flexible data entry for areas and surfaces to clean
Spreadsheet view and database view for ease of use
Variety of Workload Leveling strategies provided
Minimum workers needed, Specified workers, Shift sensitive assignments, and others
Routine, Summer and Special Cleanings supported
Used as a planning tool, you can accurately predict cleaning time and equipment usage
'What Ifs' accurately calculated savings based on new equipment
easily see what equipment brings the most savings based on your actual District's data
Workloading Data is leveraged to provide product usage budgeting
Paper, plastic, chemicals, and floor finishes can be predicted scientifically
Product Requisitioning is incorporated
A flexible Approval system supports processing requisitions
Personnel System supports Training and Certification tracking
Keep your employees up-to-date on required training
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MnO National, Inc. Tyler, Texas
MnO National is dedicated to serve the management needs of school system custodial departments with high quality web-based software and teaching tools.

By utilizing ISSA standards and employing the latest management techniques (CIMS), we are bringing the benefits of systematic identification and work loading within the reach of every district in the US. This application of standards will result in a predictable level of cleaning and costs by utilizing the districts in-house personnel. We believe that a custodial supervisor can use our web-based system and out perform contracted companies in both excellence in cleaning and cost.

This site is currently under construction. If you have an interest in MnO National, Inc.'s mission or product, please contact us through the Contact Us page on this site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST use the FIREFOX browser to run the MnO Nation web application! FireFox will prompt you to switch to the 32-bit mode, this is normal and necessary. The very first time you access the MnO Nation tab, you will be led to download the plugin for the MnO Nation web application, just follow the instructions on the screen.